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1225 E 18th Ave.
On the corner of 18th and University Street
Spring Rental Barn Hours
  • Noon–5:00 p.m.
  • Noon–5:00 p.m.
  • Noon–5:00 p.m.
  • Noon–5:00 p.m.

The Outdoor Program Rental Barn is open for curbside pick-up, with phone reservation required. Call the Rental Barn at 541-346-4371. We can get outside safely by working together.

  • Masks are required at the Rental Barn and OP Office in the EMU.
  • Please respect social distancing protocols.
  • Credit card payments only.
  • Unavailable items are crossed out in the tables below.


Rental Costs

All fees are per day, and prices are subject to change.

We give discounts for extended rentals as well as for university groups and community non-profits. Call or email us to inquire further.

4+ days

10% off
7+ days 15% off
OP Trips 50% off

paddle picture

On the Water

Raft Packages

9' Paddle Raft $30.00
13' Paddle or Row Raft $70.00
13' Gear Raft $80.00
14' Gear Raft $90.00
15' Gear Raft $100.00

Paddle Clothing

Wetsuit $6.00
Booties $4.00
Paddle Jacket $5.00
Dry Top $8.00
Paddle Pants $4.00
Helmet $4.00


Hard-Shell Kayak $20.00
Kayak Pool Package $6.00
Solo Inflatable Kayak $30.00
Tandem Inflatable Kayak $40.00
River Float Tube $8.00


Raft Paddles $3.00
Kayak Paddles $5.00
3 Oars for 9' Carlisle $10.00
Dry Bag (medium or large) $4.00
Spray Skirt $4.00
Personal Flotation Device (PFD) $2.00

Tour and Recreational Kayaks

Touring Sea Kayak $30.00
Recreational Kayak $25.00

Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP)

Inflatable SUP $30.00

Boat Packages

Paddle Raft Raft, personal flotation devices (PFDs), paddles, guide paddle, pump, throw rope, patch kit
Row Raft Raft, solid frame, cooler, PFDs, oars, pump, throw rope, patch kit
Gear Raft Raft, frame, drybox(s), cooler, PFDs, oars, pump, throw rope, patch kit
Kayak Boat, PFDs, paddles, helmet, spray skirt, pump, throw rope
Pool Kayak Boat, paddle, nylon spray skirt *only available for pool sessions
Float Tubes Tube, PFD, pump, and helmet (if needed)
Stand Up Paddle Board SUP, PFD, paddle, pump, and helmet (if needed)

On Dry Land

Camping Gear

1 Season Tent (4 person) $10.00
3 Season Tent (1 and 3 person) $12.00
4 Season Tent (2 and 3 person) $15.00
Down Sleeping Bag (0°F) $10.00
Synthetic Sleeping Bag (20°F) $10.00
Waterproof Down Sleeping Bag $12.00
Foam Sleeping Pad $2.00
Crazy Creek Chair $3.00


Gaiters $4.00
Hiking Boots $3.00
Fleece Jacket $5.00
Rain Jacket $5.00
Rain Pants $5.00
Ski Jacket $5.00
Ski Pants $5.00
Trekking Poles $2.00


Backpack (50L, 60L) $8.00
Day Pack $6.00

Climbing Gear

Climbing Shoes $6.00
Crash Pad $6.00
Helmet $4.00

Outdoor Kitchen Equipment

1-Burner Camp Stove $4.00
1-Burner Backpacking $4.00
2-Burner Camp Stove $10.00
Table (wood, roll-up) $2.00
Water Jug (6 gal) $4.00
Water Bladder (4L, 10L) $2.00
Firepan $5.00
Bear Can $2.00


Hauler Bike Trailer $15.00
Bob Trailer and Dry Bag $12.00
Commuter or Cruiser Bike $10.00
Touring Bike $15.00
Panniers (2 front and rear) $6.00

On the Slopes

Avalanche and Safety Gear

Avalanche and safety gear is free of charge for UO students. Community member per-day pricing is listed below. This policy is subject to change at any time.

Avalanche Transceiver*+ $3.00
Avalanche Probe $2.00
Snow Shovel $2.00
Snow Package (includes all items above) $5.00
Compass no charge
GPS Unit* $3.00
VHF Radio $3.00
Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) $2.00


*batteries not included

+one beacon per person

**plus per minute charges

Snow Shoe Gear

Snowshoe Package (snowshoes, boots, poles) $10.00
Snowshoes $6.00
Snow Boots $4.00

Cross-Country Ski Gear

Cross-Country Ski Package (skis, boots, poles) $15.00
Skis $5.00
Boots $5.00

Snowboard Gear

Snowboard Package $20.00
Snowboard $15.00
Snowboard Boots $5.00


Snow Accessories

Gloves $2.00
Goggles $4.00
Helmet $4.00

Technical Gear

Ice Axe $6.00
Crampons $6.00