About the OP

Core Purpose: “To inspire learning through student-powered outdoor adventure.”

The Core Values of the Outdoor Program are: Adventure, Active Lives, Community, Environmental Stewardship, Cooperative, and Student Empowerment.

• Promoting self propelled, DIY and cooperative adventure
• Sharing of skills and resources to foster confidence in the outdoors
• Encouraging local, accessible trips as well as far flung expeditions

• Encouraging mind and body wellness
• Promoting active human powered transportation and recreation
• Fun activities to reduce stress and increase health
• Self propelled

• Fostering a community of outdoor enthusiasts
• Creating a welcoming and compassionate environment
• Emphasizing social responsibility
• Embracing cultural diversity

• Promoting “Leave no Trace” ethic
• Instilling a sense of wonder and appreciation of the natural world
• Fostering ecological advocacy and action

• Employing consensus based decision making
• Promoting collaborative sharing of skills, work, costs
• Hands-on experiential
• Making adventure accessible and affordable

• Providing leadership opportunities
• Promoting out of classroom learning opportunities
• Instilling sense of ownership in program direction


The OP provides a wide range of information, gear rentals, resources, trips, events and clinics, as well as a bike events, loans, and self-service maintenance shop- all our activities and resources reflect our philosophy. All University of Oregon students are members of the Outdoor Program. If you’re not a student at the UO, you can still participate in OP trips and events by paying just $20-$25 a year.