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About the OP

The Outdoor Program inspires learning through student-powered outdoor adventure

Core Values

The Core Values of the Outdoor Program are: Adventure, Active Lives, Community, Environmental Stewardship, Cooperative, and Student Empowerment.  UO Outdoor Program operates under Common Adventure principles.  Trips posted on the OP trip board are consensus based cooperative trips, using and renting resources of the OP Equipment Co-op.  Trips posted on the Co-op trip board are posted by interested volunteer participants; they are not offered by the Outdoor Program administration.  Trip initiators are not paid leaders or guides, and may have no special training in the activity or in outdoor leadership.  Any University of Oregon Program staff who participate in a Common Adventure trip, either as Initiators or participants, are not leaders or guides, nor are they acting as agents of the University; they are equal paying members and are responsible only for themselves.


  • Promoting self propelled, DIY and cooperative adventure
  • Sharing of skills and resources to foster confidence in the outdoors
  • Encouraging local, accessible trips as well as far flung expeditions


  • Encouraging mind and body wellness
  • Promoting active human powered transportation and recreation
  • Fun activities to reduce stress and increase health
  • Self propelled


  • Fostering a community of outdoor enthusiasts
  • Creating a welcoming and compassionate environment
  • Emphasizing social responsibility
  • Embracing cultural diversity


  • Promoting “Leave no Trace” ethic
  • Instilling a sense of wonder and appreciation of the natural world
  • Fostering ecological advocacy and action


  • Employing consensus based decision making
  • Promoting collaborative sharing of skills, work, costs
  • Hands-on experiential
  • Making adventure accessible and affordable


  • Providing leadership opportunities
  • Promoting out of classroom learning opportunities
  • Instilling sense of ownership in program direction

The OP provides a wide range of information, gear rentals, resources, trips, events and clinics, as well as a bike events, loans, and self-service maintenance shop- all our activities and resources reflect our philosophy. All University of Oregon students are members of the Outdoor Program. If you’re not a student at the UO, you can still participate in OP trips and events by paying the general community rate of just $25 a year ($20 for UO Almuni).