About Our Trips

About OP Trips

Whether the trip is to our local rivers, trails, skiing or climbing areas or all the way across the world, the Outdoor Program invites outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels to participate in exciting cooperative adventures in all modes of self-propelled travel.

For over 40 years, the Outdoor Program has been bringing people together in a wide range of outdoor pursuits and environmental settings, providing a diversity of rich experiences for UO students, staff and community members.

The Outdoor Program is a cooperative, common adventure program, in which participants share equally in all aspects of the trip. This includes trip planning, expenses, and allows for an educational and rewarding experience for all. Trips are posted week-to-week and there are no paid leaders, in fact, anyone can initiate a trip. Because trips are co-operative, trip expenses are low because they are shared by all members and decisions are made through a group consensus process.

The OP has a wide variety of camping and recreational equipment available for participants to check out. OP equipment is available for OP trips only. Find and Post trips on the trip board in the OP resource room. Located downstairs in the EMU. If you can’t stop by, visit the trip and event calendars for more information.